Service detail will change according to different seasons. For snow shooting, special photo gear and ski gear will be prepared for shooting.


No matter you are looking for wedding, pre wedding, party or just ski/snowboard wedding shooting, we are striving to capture your most natural moment with easy shooting style.


Feel free to contact us if you are looking for any shooting in winter location, summer location, couple, family, outdoor, backcountry and you name it. We are always ready to travel upon your request!

Hokkaido (6~10) 

Summer Season

Autumn Season

Hokkaido (11~5)

Winter Season

Spring Season


Wedding dress or wedding party shooting, do feel free to contact us for price quote.

Tel : 080-1410-1284

mail : mail@japantravelphoto.com

Kyoto or more

Locations outside Hokkaido; or media inquiry, please contact here

Tel : 080-1410-1284

mail : mail@japantravelphoto.com

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