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日籍攝影師A-Chan (松山永一)明白到旅遊中的家庭樂,父母總想為小朋友留下獨一無二的紀念,留住一瞬即逝的一刻。即使情侶,亦會希望擁有二人同遊時的自然、真摯合影。




Our Mission

Regardless of your professionalism in photography and the fineness of the camera, it is not easy to take photo with your family or beloved one together. Often, you need to rely on tripod or ask strangers in order to get a photo of the entire group, but most of them just look plain and are lack of quality.

Our Japanese photographer, A-Chan (Matsuyama Eiichi) understands that parents always want to preserve every precious moment of their children, as well as participating in their childhood journey. Even couples may also like to keep a record for their unique travel experience.


Therefore, by joining your travel plan in Japan, we wish to capture the beautiful natural moments of you and your beloved ones, cherishing every moment of your journey, and creating an unforgettable travel and photo shooting experience for you!

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