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Extra Cost:​​


  • Location rental fee (application will take around 1 week in advance, please let us know asap)

  • Other entrance fee, parking, activity fee such as special experience, guiding fee or lesson fee etc.

  • Backcountry area or other special condition is possible for shooting, please contact us for more detail.

  • Free transportation is possible for up to 4 adults with no luggage. 5 adults or above, or with luggage/ski gear/snowboard gear, will need to meet at the shooting location directly.

  • Besides, rental car for 10 seats car is possible. In this case, gasoline, rental fee will be paid by clients. Reservation is needed in advance, please contact us for detail.

  • Additional photo: JPY 1,000/photo(*Price may vary due to agreed shooting plan detail)

  • Additional shooting time: JPY 5,000/30mins

  • Data in CD format will cost JPY 1,500 as EMS fee

  • Printing, photo panel, photo frame and poster are all available for order.

Additional Information:

  • Package is for Winter season from December to April next year, please do book in advance.

  • The light up event in Blue Pond and Shirahige-no-taki will be even shorter.

  • From May onward, depending on the opening of different ski resorts, ski/snowboard shooting is still possible. Backcountry for Spring season is also possible.

  • For Sakura blossom shooting, please contact us for more detail.

  • Each photo session is designed for 1 family or 1 pair of couples. A group of friends can be up to 6 persons.
    For 2 groups or above, please contact us for the price quote.

  • In order to keep the photo quality, we will have a detailed communication with each client before the shooting occurs.
    There may be shooting advice, location information and irregular condition, please discuss with us beforehand.

  • Ski resort shooting or backcountry shooting will require different gear, equipment or travelling preparation. Please discuss with us in advance.

  • All the photo data will go through a photo selection and photo retouch process. It may take up to 1 month for the whole process to be completed (Exceptional case is possible).  For peak season, it may take longer waiting time, if you are wishing for a quick process, we do offer special editing by professional editor, please contact us for the quick editing price.

  • All photos taken are for personal usage. Any business usage shooting may require discussion in advance.

  • Drone shooting is possible. Application, insurance is needed. Yet, research for drone shooting availability is needed.  Drone shooting is strongly affected by weather (snow, rain, wind and other bad weather situation). Analysis and decision will be made before the shooting.

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