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Back Country Shooting:​

  • There are 3 types of back country shooting patterns:

    ​1: On-piste, powder area, side country (SC)
    2: Off-piste, depending on the rules of each resorts
    3: Mountain areas, shooting will be starting from the entrance point

  • BC shooting detail varies according to the level of the BC location and clients.

  • Situation such as 1 photographer, with/without assistant, with/without professional guide will affect the risk of BC shooting. Safety will be the first priority for BC shooting. 

  • Ski Resorts (Niseko, Kiroro, TOMAMU) will all have different rules and regulations on BC activity, please do not violate any of the rules or regulations.​ Any violation act may lead to the termination of the shooting, in this case, no refund of the shooting will be made (confirmation letter will be signed beforehand)

  • Client is responsible for the recruiting fee of any professional BC guide. BC guide will be responsible for the safety issue, please contact BC guide for the safety issue.

  • No matter the photographer or together with an assistant coming to the BC shooting, no guiding service is included, they will only following client's direction and plan. BC route planning should be done by the client, photographer is not responsible for any accident occurs. 

  • ​SC shooting is a service limited to special areas, any incident or accident occurs inside the ski resorts area, such as dangerous locations or crushing with other clients will be client's personal responsibility.  

  • For SC shooting, it is possible to hire local guide for touring, reservation in advance is needed, please contact us for detail. 

  • Any business promotion shooting and Drone shooting are possible. Shooting details may subject to resorts' rules and regulations. 

  • For any BC shooting or SC shooting, it is highly recommended to join insurance beforehand, our photographer and shooting team is not responsible for any accident or injury occurs during the shooting. 

Additional Information:

  • Reservation on shooting date or 1 day before is possible only when the photographer is available. Peak season will require reservation in advance.

  • Other photographer can also be arranged for shooting, yet the photo style will be subjected to his/her own style.

  • Bad weather such as low pressure weather and avalanche warning may lead to termination of shooting, cancellation fee will not be needed.

  • Please contact us for detailed cancellation policy.

  • All photos taken are for personal usage. Any business usage shooting may require discussion in advance.

  • During the shooting, if the client is not experienced enough for SB or BC riding and lead to cancellation of the shooting, no refund will be made.

  • For other remarks, please refer to our confirmation letter when reservation is occurring. 


If you have some questions, want to make reservation, contact us!!


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