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hokkaido Genic, Sapporo City Office, Sapporo, Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan

Q1: 如天氣不佳的情況,會如何處理?

如因天氣惡劣 (例如颱風、暴雨、大雨洪水警示生效),而無法攝影的情況下,已支付的訂金將全部退款。如遇上大雨天,因應顧客要求,已收取之訂金可用作車資,由公司提供景點之間的接送/或提供室內攝影服務,詳情按情況而定,可與攝影師商討。如為陰天/小雨的話,拍攝將如期進行,再由攝影師修整相片。​​

​Q2: 如突然身份不適而無法攝影,會如何處理?


Q3: 可否安排後備日補拍?

建議顧客預留1-2天作為後備日,以防因天氣惡劣而顧客又於翌日離開日本,無法安排拍攝。但請注意,後備日並非必然及必定,補拍日子需要與攝影師商量,如本公司另有預約的情況,或無法依照閣下指定日子安排補拍。在無其他預約的情況下,則可 安排補拍。如想確保有後備日的話 (無論是半天還是全天的後備日),需額外支付40%的攝影費用,我們將預留兩天作為攝影,不會接受其他預約。

​Q4: 攝影有沒有人數限制?​


Q5: 如何支付訂金?


Q6: 需提前多少天預約攝影?


Q7: 當日如因塞車或迷路而遲到,攝影時間可否順延?


Q8: 如何收取相片? 是否可以即時取得相片?


​Q9: 攝影師可以說哪幾種言語?


​Q10: 攝影中途有休息時間嗎?


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Q1: If the weather was not good for shooting,  would I get the refund?

If the shooting is cancelled due to bad weather (e.g. Typhoon, heavy raining, flooding warning), all the paid deposit will be refunded. 

For rainy day, upon client’s request, the paid deposit can be used as transportation fee/indoor shooting, we can provide point to point transportation service/indoor shooting, please feel free to discuss it with our photographer. 


If the weather is cloudy/small rain, the shooting will still be occurring. Special photo editing will be made by our photographer.

​Q2: If I fell sick on the shooting day, what would be the procedure?

If the shooting is cancelled due to client’s sickness, the client can arrange another day for shooting (subject to photographer's schedule). If no arrangement can be made, 40% of the shooting fee will be charged as cancellation fee.

​Q3: Can I re-arrange the shooting date?

Client is strongly advised to spare 1-2 days for re-arrangement, do not make the shooting date on the last day of the visit in Japan. However, please note that re-arrangement of shooting is not guaranteed, if there is other reservation on the re-arrangement date, we may not be able to make re-arrangement.  


For a guaranteed re-arrangement, client will need to pay extra 40% on top of the total shooting fee, so as to reserve 2 days, one day for shooting and the other day as spare date.  

Q4: Is there any limit on the participants?

Basically each shooting session we only accept 1 group of family (parents and children) or couples. 2 groups or above, please contact us in advance for more details. For a group of friends, the max number is 6 persons, please contact us for more detail.

​Q5: How to pay the deposit?

Client is required to pay 50% as deposit via Paypal. ​You do not need to apply any Paypal account, we will send you the email for payment.

​Q7: If we were late for shooting, would the shooting time be postponed?

We advice to arrive the shoot location 10-15 mins earlier. As we will have next shooting/job, so we do not postpone our shooting time due to any lateness reasons.

Q8: How can I get the photos? Can I receive them right after the shooting?

All the photos will be sent via email/dropbox JPEG format (if mailing by EMS will cost extra JPY 1,500). Please note that photo editing can take up to 4-8 weeks.

​Q9: What languages does the photographer speak?

Our photographer is Japanese, whom can only speak fluent Japanese and simple English. We also provide assistant whom can speak Cantonese, English and Mandarin.

Q10: Is there any break during the shooting?

All shooting sessions includes break, lunch and traveling time.

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